Services and Other Activities at St James

In the wake of the government’s new social distancing measures on 16th March, St James has followed the call of the Archbishops of Canterbury and York and ceased all public worship and other midweek meetings.

We are live-streaming a Sunday service and have introduced other ways to help our members in various groups to connect online for spiritual encouragement.

Taking Care of Yourself and Others

Please do follow the government’s current instructions (, in particular the need to maintain scrupulous hygiene and to self-isolate immediately if you feel unwell with a cough or high fever.

For many this may mean staying at home with only mild symptoms; remember this is to prevent undiagnosed Coronavirus spreading to the most vulnerable.

Current advice (at 17th March) is NOT to ring 111 or the GP, UNLESS you fall into certain categories. Do read the advice in full.

Pastoral Support

Mark Murthen is coordinating our care for individuals who are staying away. Please let Mark know on 0208 051 3151 or if:

  • you are self-isolating for any reason
  • you know of anyone who is self-isolating, or you notice the absence of someone you would usually expect to see

Team leaders will be checking in with their team members regularly.

All of us should care for each other by ringing around to check in with those in your small groups and ministries – it is better for us to over- rather than under-communicate in this regard.

How To Keep Meeting

Sunday services

  • St James will be live-streaming a Sunday service and making it available on our YouTube channel.
  • To access this service click Here.

Small groups

  • All midweek bible study groups in people’s homes and around town have been asked to cease meeting in the flesh; many groups will be able to meet online using such tools as Zoom, WhatsApp, or Facetime.
  • Where your members may need to self-isolate, try and keep them connected using video link ups such as Face Time or WhatsApp when the rest of you meet.

Further information

St James is following the formal guidance issued by the government and the Church of England:

Government guidance -

Church of England guidance -

Phil Mullins is coordinating St James' response in line with this guidance.