Here at St James, we have a desire to see children and youth leaders trained, equipped and sent out to be excellent workers for the gospel. That’s why we’ve put together this training scheme. Whether you’re new to youth and children’s ministry and looking to go over the basics, whether you’re a veteran wanting to go a bit deeper, or whether you want to equip your team in ministry, this is for you.

The scheme is designed to cover as many aspects of youth and children’s ministry as possible, as well as providing an opportunity to network and encourage each other in the work. We’re really privileged to have a team of experienced speakers, many of whom have been in youth and children’s ministry for many years.

We hope you can join us for some of these sessions as we seek to grow in serving our children and young people better. Our prayer is that God will use this to build his kingdom and bring himself glory.

For more information or to see a brochure, get in touch.

Contacts for Children & Youth Leaders' Training Scheme

  • David Cornes

    Dave Cornes

  • Ashley Nichols

    Ashley Nichols